Dialysis Concentrates

AEA Haemosafe brand which is a Dialysis Concentrate has been developed to satisfy an important need the market.

Dialysis concentrates consists of purified water and electrolytes. The concentration of electrolytes (besides potassium and the buffer substance) closely resembles that which occurs naturally in the blood.

A Dialysis concentrate is prepared according to the individual patient’s needs to help regulate their electrolyte and acid–base balance and remove metabolic waste products.

Why Hemosafe

The product has been manufactured under a controlled environment in a GMP certified plant, ensuring the highest quality and safety resulting to it’s compatible with the main Dialysis machines in the market.

HEMOSAFE (Acid concentrate)

The product is packed in 5 litres and used as part A in dialysis process.

The “acid” concentrate contains electrolytes and 2–8 mEq/L of acetate (which is metabolized into bicarbonate in the liver) to prevent calcium precipitation during the process of dialysis.

HEMOSAFE (Liquid Bicarbonate concentrate)

The product is packed in 5 litres and used as part B in dialysis process.

Chronic metabolic acidosis is common in dialysis patients. Bicarbonate administration via the dialysate helps maintain the acid–base balance in these patients. During the process, the ideal level of serum bicarbonate in dialysis patients is therefore unknown.


BCT 01 Acid Concentrate-Hemosafe Acid Concentrate Solution for Bicarbonate Hemodialysis 5Litre 4 Acid Concentrate
LBT 01 Liquid Bicarbonate-Hemosafe Liquid Bicarbonate Solution for Hemodialysis 5Litre 4 Liquid Bicarbonate